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Local Environmental Issues

We all benefit from development. Commercial development creates an ambiance which can entice potential homebuyers to pay more for living in an area. However, so can maintaining that natural charm.  Long Grove has no lack of abundance when it comes to natural charms. That's why my approach to community development will balance the need for commercial development with the need of environmental protections. ​



To Achieve This, I will:

  • Guide the Village Board when it comes to granting permits for industrial development only after the projects are cleared by regulatory agencies like the Illinois Department of Environmental Protection. 

  • Work with the community to keep our waterways clean and free of debris and litter.

  • Protect green spaces and open spaces by securing more OSLAD (Open Space Lands Acquisition and Development) grants from the State of Illinois to establish natural parks and preserves.

  • Strengthen our partnerships with local organizations, such as the Rotary Club, to achieve our goals for a beautiful, environmentally healthy community.

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