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Infrastructure is the cardiovascular system of our society. Our roadways, railways, and waterways serve as conduits of both economic and social activity; connecting communities to one another for opportunities in employment, recreation, healthcare, and education. 


That's why properly maintained infrastructure, as well as infrastructure suited to meet the demands of current population and transportation trends are so critical. It's not just about aggravation as one waits for a freight train to pass, it's lost wages, it's increased fuel costs, and it's increased medical costs due to stress. Ill-maintained roads can cause wear and tear on vehicles, increasing the likelihood of accidents, thus creating an ancillary effect in terms of rising insurance rates. 



My Infrastructure Priorities Are:

  • Widen the roads with the most congestion, such as Gilmer and the parts of Illinois-83 that are one-lane.

  • Building a flyover of the railroad tracks at Gilmer and Illinois-83. 

  • Installing a right-turn lane at Northbound Midlothian.

  • Increase road maintenance.

  • Developing more connectors/exit-entrance ramps to major interstates and highways. 

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