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It was roughly two years ago that my wife and I decided to call Long Grove home.  As a father and husband, I was drawn to the charm of our community.  It was the romanticism of our downtown district, with our iconic covered bridge, the school districts which provide our children with the foundation for a prosperous future, and its proximity to local businesses.

I fell in love with this town and it's allure, but I also believe it is time for a fresh perspective on the Village Board. As a member of the community, this is what I plan to bring to the table, a new way to look at things so that our community can continue to prosper and continue to draw families for years to come.

I believe my analytical mind, my willingness to ask questions, and my desire to improve two-way communication between the Board and residents is the "right prescription for Long Grove."

I hope you will join me in this effort and vote in the April 6th, 2021 Consolidate Election.


Dr. Jameel

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